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Neighbourhood Studies

No. 1 - Fulflood

1 The Origin of Name 'Fulflood'

St Paul's House
St Paul's House

Originally named "Foulflood", this neighbourhood derives its name from a stream, probably intermittent, causing floods and bringing with it debris which made it seem dirty in comparison with the lichen. It is thought to have had a source between the Westgate School playing field and Greenhill Road. It flowed down to a point probably between Western and Elm Roads, from whence it went eastwards to Hyde where it joins the Hyde Abbey Mill stream by Silchester Place. A map of 1791 shows buildings (presumably Fulflood Farm, now gone) in Stockbridge Road as "Foulflood" at a point between the present Western and Elm Roads. Maps now indicate the area as centring on this same part of Stockbridge Road.