Weekly list of planning applications

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Weekly list 11th September 2019

1. 19/01306/HOU
Comments by 24 Sept
Case Officer: Marge Ballinger
The Beeches, Drayton Street, Winchester SO22 4BJ 

First floor side extensions; conversion of carports to indoor living space; alter external materials with cladding to both dwellings (St Catherine's View and The Beeches).

 2. 19/01722/HOU
Comments by ?
Case Officer: Curtis Badley
14 Woodfield Drive, Winchester SO22 5PX 

Proposed ground and first floor rear extensions.

 3. 19/01736/HOU
Comments by 18 Sept
Case Officer: Curtis Badley
8 Silwood Close,Winchester SO22 6EN

Replacement conservatory roof and insertion of bi-folding doors in rear elevation.

 4. 19/01744/AVC
Comments by 25 Sept
Case Officer: Nicola Clayton
127 High Street, Winchester SO23 9AX

New ATM surround with new Logo, Lozenge and Projecting Sign.

 5. 19/01750/HOU
Comments by 20 Sept
Case Officer: Curtis Badley
43 Byron Avenue, Winchester SO22 5AT

Proposed side extension and associated alterations.

 6. 19/01761/FUL
Comments by 4 October
Case Officer: Catherine Watson
The Lodge, Land Adjacent St Giles Close, Winchester SO23 0JJ

Application Reference Number: 17/02602/FUL.  Date of Decision: 16/03/2018. Variation of condition 2 - to replace the approved drawings with new drawings showing an amended roof design to the garage.

 7. 19/01788/LDP
Comments by ?
Case Officer: Curtis Badley
14 Twiss Square, Winchester SO23 7FF

Erection of dormer window to rear. Insertion of two Velux windows to front.

 8. 19/01789/HOU
Comments by 11 Sept
Case Officer: Cameron Finch
4 Swan Lane, Winchester SO23 7AA

Proposed single storey rear extension together with loft conversion and additional conservation rooflights to front and rear.

 9. 19/01800/HOU
Comments by ?
Case Officer: Cameron Finch
45 Fairfield Road, Winchester SO22 6SG

Single storey wrap around extension to replace existing single storey rear extension and side return.

 10. 19/01849/FUL
Comments by 24 Sept
Case Officer: Nicola Clayton
Proposed mast at junction with Bereweeke Road Andover Road, Winchester   

The retention of existing temporary 30m lattice tower supporting 3 no antennas, 1 no equipment cabinet, 1 no generator and ancillary development thereto for a further 12 months.

 11. 19/01843/LDP
Decision Due 24 October
Case Officer:  Curtis Badley
16 Sawyers Close, Winchester SO22 5JX

Single Storey Rear Extension and Associated Alterations to Dwelling.

 12. 19/01847/FUL
Comments by 20 Sept
Case Officer: Curtis Badley
37 Dean Lane, Winchester SO22 5LL

Erection of New Dwelling with attached garage, new access, parking and landscaping, following Demolition of Existing Dwelling (Demolition of Existing Dwelling and New Access permitted under pp ref: 19/00993/FUL).

 13. 19/01857/LDC
Decision Due: 28 October
Case officer: Legal
67 Bar End Road, Winchester SO23 9NP 

Parking space with access to the right of the building. This has been in continual use since before our ownership in 1999 to the present day.

 14. 19/01881/FUL & 19/01882/LIS
Comments by 2 October
Case Officer: Catherine Watson
155 High Street, Winchester SO23 9BA

Removal of existing masonry walls.  Refit of the existing pharmacy interior.  Installation of air conditioning including condensers.

 15. 19/01890/TPC
Decision Due 15 October
Case Officer: Lloyd Fursdon
39 St Faiths Road Winchester SO23 9QD 

T1 Cherry – Fell.

 16. 19/01892/TPO
Decision Due 29 October
Case Officer: Lloyd Fursdon
Street Record, Romsey Road, Winchester

The intention is for the trees numbered T46 to T50 and T57 to be removed as they are in the way of a proposed highway project. The project aims to provide a wider footway along Romsey Road. The footway is currently narrow and is heavily used by school children walking to and from Kings School. The trees have been assessed and are considered to be of low amenity value. The intention is that they will be felled by tree surgeons early in the new year. The trees are situated on the highway boundary, or within the highway.

As part of the project the trees will be replaced by new specimens of an appropriate type in nearby locations.  Replacement is likely to take place in the winter of 2020.

 17. 19/01903/TPC
Decision due 16 October
Case Officer: Lloyd Fursdon
Annexe, 16 Clifton Hill, Winchester SO22 5BL 

T1 Ornamental Pear - fell and grind stump.
T2 Silver birch - fell and grind stump.

 18. 19/01837/TPO
Decision Due 29 October
Case Officer: Lloyd Fursdon
1 Holly Meadows, Winchester SO22 5FQ 

Ash - (T4, 7, 9, 12 & 13). Fell as all of these trees continue to show signs of decline associated with Chalara Ash dieback disease.
We would then alter the mowing regime to allow the natural regeneration of other trees and shrub species along this verge (there are seedlings of Sycamore, Field Maple, Norway Maple, Beech, Birch, Hazel etc,); once regeneration has been allowed to continue (i.e. NOT mowing/strimming/etc), in a few years' time selectively thin out the weedy and multiple specimens retaining as large a species diversity as possible.